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Identifying Insecure Connections

A key theme of the MySQL Server 5.7 release is much improved security. Earlier releases of MySQL 5.7 have introduced features supporting this initiative including automatic generation and detection of TLS key material and client-side preference for TLS connections. The recent MySQL 5.7.8 release builds upon this and provides additional monitoring and audit capabilities that make it easy to answer the question: “How secure are my client connections?”.…

MySQL Performance Schema: Instrumentation Exceptions

The setup_actors table in MySQL Performance Schema can be used to specify what users and hosts one wants to have instrumentation enabled for. By default, connections from all users and hosts are instrumented:

You can then use standard SQL against this setup_actors table in order to specify what users and hosts you want to have instrumentation enabled for.

Performance Schema implementation Internals: Registering instruments

This is the very first post in the series of Performance Schema Implementation Internals. This series is for MySQL Developers to understand implementation of Performance Schema. For user point of view of performance Schema, please refer to mysql documentation link : http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/performance-schema-quick-start.html

This post talks about the mechanism to register instruments in Performance Schema (referred as P_S from hereon) so that their statistics could be collected at runtime.…