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  1. To the attention of Sunny Bains.

    Hello Sunny,

    On the below page, we can see a message from you dated Jan 29 2014 about a bug related to the auxiliary tables of MySQL 5.6.


    I use MySQL 5.6.21 (sep 2014 build) on a Windows x64 server and today, I have migrated all my tables from MyISAM to INNODB and the same IDB files that this user have been created in the database dir (xxxx_BEING_DELETED, xxxx_BEING_DELETED_CACHE, xxxx_CONFIG….).

    I use Full Text Search.

    I launched a mysql_upgrade but same “problem”.

    It is a bug or it is normal that these files are not deleted when using FTS ?



  2. Julien,

    The point in the comment was that if they FTS index has been dropped then these aux files should also be deleted. If you have active FTS indexes then these files are required. Have the FTS indexes been dropped?


  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your answer.

    The FTS indexes are still present so it’s normal theses files are yet here.

    Sorry to disturb you about that. It was not clear for me if it was normal as I am a new INNODB user.



  4. Hello folks.

    I’d love to follow your blog and be notified about new posts by email, but I couldn’t find any follow button, except if I comment on a post… Feel free to delete this comment.


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