Contention-Aware Transaction Scheduling Arriving in InnoDB to Boost Performance

Authors: Sunny Bains, Jiamin Huang (University of Michigan)

What is Transaction Scheduling?

Locking is one of the most popular mechanisms for concurrency control in most database systems, including Oracle MySQL. One major question, however, seems to have been overlooked by all database vendors:

Q: When multiple transactions are waiting for a lock on the same object, which one(s) should get the lock first?

Atomic DDL in MySQL 8.0

The new data dictionary in MySQL 8.0 is mostly transparent to users upgrading, in that an import process is automatically run on first-start, and the semantics of DDL (creating tables, adding indexes etc) remain the same. There is however one major exception, and that is how failure cases are handled.…

MySQL 8.0 RC1 – Highlights

The long awaited first release candidate of MySQL 8.0 is now available. The theme of this release is “making MySQL better for modern apps”. What does that mean exactly?

  • A modern application is mobile first. Mobile-first is not just a theme applied to an existing app, it is about using context about the user (such as their location) and reducing the clicks required for a transaction.