MySQL InnoDB Cluster – What’s new in Shell AdminAPI 8.0.17 release

The MySQL Development Team is very excited and proud to announce a new 8.0 Maintenance Release of InnoDB Cluster – 8.0.17!

In addition to important bug fixes and improvements, 8.0.17 brings a game-changer feature!

This blog post will cover MySQL Shell and the AdminAPI, for detailed information of what’s new in MySQL Router stay tuned for an upcoming blog post!…

MySQL Shell 8.0.17 – What’s New?

The MySQL Development team is proud to announce a new version of the MySQL Shell in which the following new features can be highlighted:

  • MySQL Shell Plugins
  • Parallel table import
  • In InnoDB Cluster:
    • Automatic instance provisioning through cloning
    • Automatic server version compatibility handling
    • Simplification of internal recovery accounts

The following enhancements were also introduced:

  • On the X DevAPI area:
    • Support for array indexes in collections
    • Support for overlaps operator in expressions
  • Uniform SQL execution API in classic and X protocol
  • Support for connection attributes
  • New utility functions:
    • shell.unparseUri(…)

How to validate server configuration settings.

After upgrading the server many users start it with an unchanged config file only to find some deprecated options that they were using are no longer supported by the later server version, which causes the upgraded server to shutdown. In other cases modifying the server configuration file results in the server refusing to start when an invalid name is mistakenly entered in the configuration file.…