A Tale of Two Password Authentication Plugins…

A long long time ago (in a galaxy far away… cue the music!) MySQL added support for an authentication plugin which is now known as mysql_native_password. The mysql_native_password plugin uses SHA1 hash to

One of the good traits of this plugin is that it allows authentication using challenge-response mechanism which made it possible to verify identity of the client on an unencrypted channel without having a need to send the actual password.…

MySQL Shell 8.0.20 – What’s New?

The MySQL Development team is proud to announce version 8.0.20 of the MySQL Shell, with the following features:

  • Admin API
    • Improvements on the admin account handling for MySQL InnoDB cluster and MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet as well as for MySQL Router
    • Command line integration for MySQL InnoDB ReplicaSet
    • Isolation of InnoDB ReplicaSet operations
  • Connection compression options.

Using a MySQL Keyring SECRET and Asymmetric Encryption

For an encrypt only or decrypt/encrypt applications

The following is an example of how to allow applications to asymmetrically encrypt data using a public key. In MySQL 8.0.19 support for the SECRET datatype was added to our Keyring technology. With this technology, users can securely manage their own keys using:

Oasis KMIP protocol implementations:

Controlling table encryption in MySQL 8.0

MySQL 5.7.11 introduced InnoDB transparent tablespace encryption, which enabled support for file-per-table tablespaces, and this feature is discussed in this blog.

Later in MySQL 8.0.13, encryption for general tablespace  was introduced.

To improve usability of encryption handling, MySQL 8.0.16 added several features to enable, disable and enforce table encryption for tables within a schema, general tablespace or entire MySQL system.…

Upgrading MySQL InnoDB Cluster Metadata

As on every release MySQL Shell 8.0.19 includes several bug fixes as well as new features. However, this release includes some significant changes:

  • Fixes for bugs in the schema definition:  Cascading keys in multi-primary mode.
  • Introduction of InnoDB ReplicaSet.

These changes required updates to the metadata schema definition, some of which incompatible with previous versions.…