MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Extended cluster information and rescan

This blog post completes the series that we have been composing to detail every single new feature added in the latest MySQL InnoDB Cluster release, as mentioned in the release announcement of 8.0.14. We’ll close the series now with the details about the new features that improve the management capabilities of MySQL Shell: “Extended status information available from <Cluster.>status()” and “Redesigned and extended <Cluster.>rescan()”.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Changing cluster options “live”

As listed in the release announcement of the latest MySQL InnoDB Cluster release, 8.0.14 brings exciting new features! This blog post integrates a series detailing every single new feature added. We’ll follow up now with two very desired and useful features: Checking current cluster configuration options” and “Changing cluster members or global cluster options ‘live'”.


The newest release of MySQL 8.0.14 includes the ability to control the number and location of UNDO tablespaces using SQL. Users can now manage UNDO tablespaces using SQL from the MySQL client.


More undo tablespaces help busy systems handle a larger number of read-write concurrent transactions by having more rollback segments available to provide undo logs to those transactions. …