MySQL Central @ OpenWorld: What’s New in MySQL 5.7?

MySQL Central @ OpenWorld is coming up soon. I look forward to present What’s New in MySQL 5.7? on Tuesday, Sep 30, 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM – Moscone South – 252.  Join product manager Mike Frank and myself to discuss the big picture! We will cover:

  • InnoDB Performance & Scalability: Over 600 thousand QPS for SQL queries, over 1.1 million QPS for  Memcached API, over 60 thousand connects/ disconnects per second, parallel flushing, bulk data load and more.
  • Optimizer: New optimizations,  new architecture for the parser, new architecture for the optimizer, new additions leading to a new cost model designed to handle latest OS and hardware innovations.
  • Performance Schema:  Added instrumentation for metadata locking, transactions, memory usage, stored programs, and prepared statements. Exposing “show slave status” information and “user variables”,  reducing overhead, reducing footprint, and more.
  • Temporary Tables: Performance improvements for InnoDB temporary tables, their usage and the way forward.
  • GIS: InnoDB spatial indexes, new GIS algorithms based on Boost.Geometry, and the way forward.
  • Online: Online buffer pool resizing, truncation of undo log, additions to online alter table.
  • Replication: Enhanced multi-threaded slaves, semisync-replication,  and more.
  • Security:  Secure by default, new asymmetric encryption, key support, improved password handling, and more.
  • Cleaning up semantics: IGNORE Clause, STRICT Mode, ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY mode, triggers, and more.
  • Community contributions: Statement timeout, multiple user level locks, and computed columns
  • New Data Dictionary and more @ Labs
  • And much more: Fabric support, improved tools, fulltext search, partitioning, buffer pool dump and load enhancements, triggers, error reporting, error logging, …

I am looking forward to meet you @ OpenWorld !

About Geir Hoydalsvik

Geir Høydalsvik has been working with MySQL Database team since 2008. He is currently employed by Oracle, based in Norway. He is Senior Software Development Director and responsible for the development and maintenance of MySQL Database. He has a background in the database industry, working for the database startup company Clustra Inc. on the Clustra database and for Sun Microsystems on Java DB. He has a Master degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Software Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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