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  1. Hi Mike,
    I was in one of your session at OOW16. I had it in my notes that MySQL InnoDB cluster is package with group replication is that correct? so it works together with group replication? but you can set up group replication without Innodb cluster right?
    both InnoDB cluster and group replication works on both community and enterprise? and it’s not in GA ?

  2. Hi,

    yes, everything you say is correct.

    InnoDB cluster uses group replication to provide HA. But group replication can also be configured manually and can be combined with async replication or semi-sync replication.

    The big advantage of using InnoDB cluster is it’s Out-of-the-Box design. When using InnoDB cluster one does not have to understand all the MySQL replication internals, manually configure and put together various forms of MySQL replication to be able to do massive read scale-out like e.g. Facebook and Twitter are doing it. With InnoDB cluster everything comes as a nice package that is easy to setup and manage using the MySQL Shell and the AdminAPI.

    On top of that, InnoDB cluster will also provide sharding functionality to enable write scale-out – something that is not achievable with only replications technologies. Currently one has to implement the sharding logic in the application code/layer and this has to be repeated for every new application. With InnoDB cluster once will be able to rely on the sharding implementation we will provide.

    Both, InnoDB cluster and GR are not available in GA yet. But we are working very hard to get them to GA quality soon. They will be released about the same time.

    Hope this was helpful! If you have more questions, please feel free to ask on our Forums, http://forums.mysql.com/list.php?177


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