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Rick Hillegas has been working in the MySQL Optimizer group since October, 2014. He is a Consulting Member of the Technical Staff, employed by Oracle, based in San Francisco. Before coming to the MySQL group, Rick worked on SQL interpreters for a number of other databases, including Ingres, Sybase, and Cloudscape (aka Apache Derby).

JSON Labs Release: JSON Functions, Part 1 — Manipulation JSON Data

The MySQL 5.7.7 JSON Lab release introduces a native JSON datatype. See Knut Anders Hatlen’s blog post for more details on this new datatype. In this release we also introduced a number of functions for creating and querying JSON documents. In this post we’ll explore the following new functions related to manipulating JSON documents:

  • jsn_array()
  • jsn_object()
  • jsn_insert()
  • jsn_remove()
  • jsn_set()
  • jsn_replace()
  • jsn_append()
  • jsn_merge()
  • jsn_extract()

Dag Wanvik’s follow up blog post will explore the functions related to querying and searching of JSON documents.…