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Juan Rene Ramirez Monarrez (a.k.a. rennox) is a Software Engineer with a master degree in Computer Science residing in Mexico. He started his career at IBM almost 20 years ago in application development, had a pass on Automation at Freescale Semiconductor (now MXP) and landed at the MySQL world 8 years ago. At MySQL he started working at the Workbench team and now is leading the efforts to make the MySQL Shell the client by excellence for different MySQL products.

MySQL Shell 8.0 – What’s New?

MySQL Document Store

In MySQL 8.0 a new stack of components is introduced, turning MySQL to a competitive Document Store solution.

The MySQL Document Store takes advantage of existing capabilities including:

  • Efficient and safe data management from the InnoDB storage engine
  • ACID compliance and Transactional Operations
  • High Availability with Group Replication and InnoDB cluster

One of the most attractive components introduced in MySQL 8.0…