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Miguel Araújo is a Senior Software Engineer on the MySQL Middleware and Clients Team, at Oracle. He has worked on different projects and teams, mostly related with Middleware and High-Availability. Currently working on the MySQL Shell, leading the AdminAPI developments as part of the MySQL InnoDB Cluster project. He has a Computer Science Engineering degree and Master's degree, from the University of Minho, Portugal, where he was also a researcher. His backgrounds are on distributed systems, scalability, database replication and high-availability.

MySQL InnoDB Cluster – What’s New in the Release Candidate

We carefully listened to the feedback we got from the last preview release and incorporated many of the suggested changes. On top of that, we have fixed several bugs and extended existing functionalities.

Here are the highlights of this release!

MySQL Shell / X AdminAPI

We keep aiming at the goal of hiding the complexity associated with configuring and managing H/A setups, but on top of that, we see usability as a great priority.…